Property Preparation

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Property Preparation!

Property preparation tips for the best overall result!

It’s the small details that can make or break your photography shoot outcome!

  • Properties to be clean and photo ready prior to my arrival
  • A property walk through is provided to address any small details or concerns that may need attention
  • Small furniture, chairs and lamps may be moved if they look out of place
  • Burnt out light bulbs to be replaced before my arrival. Same type and similar temperature lighting should be used throughout the entire property for the best results. (Generally soft white or daylight led’s throughout the entire property are recommended). 
  • All lights turned on, ceiling fan blades clean, fan motors turned off
  • Please have rooms, floors, countertops, window glass and other shiny surfaces cleaned in advance
  • All areas should be clean and free of clutter including countertops, magazine racks, vanities, bar areas, food areas, conference rooms, kitchens, gathering areas, etc. 
  • Beds neatly made and wrinkle free
  • Tidy up/hide extension cords, TV cables, phone cords, alarm clock cords, computer cords, lamp cords etc.
  • Advertising may likely be captured unless removed in advance. 
  • Lawn sprinkler timers to be turned off prior to shoot time for both day and twilight shoots. 
  • Pools, spas, decks and patio furniture should be clean and neatly arranged, garden hoses neatly coiled or out of sight
  • Photographer can not be expected to operate pool equipment, water features or commercial lighting
  • Photographing public spaces may require client advance notice to tenants/public to avoid conflicts with people wanting to use such spaces. A reschedule fee may apply to come back again.
  • Sectioning off parking areas with traffic cones or tape by client is crucially important if you don’t want cars to be in photographs! If you want cars/high traffic in photos, I’ll do the best I can!


If inclement weather or cloudy skies are a factor on your shoot date, rescheduling can be done at no charge prior to my heading to the property. (Open communication and phone availability is key)

Twilight Images: Sunset, Blue Hour and Sunrise shoots have a very short time window to work with. All exterior lights, interior lights, light timers, pool water features, coach lights and property motion light sensors set to on prior to my arrival! (Warm/soft white bulbs are best for exteriors) Photographer can not be expected to operate pool equipment, water features or commercial lighting/timers

Solar Window Screens: Solar screens tend to blur window views on day shoots and inhibit interior ambient light from passing through for the optimum twilight effect. Please remove lower level sun screens in advance if at all possible! 

Properties not photo ready may require rescheduling.

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Virtual Staging Is Available! Please call for details!

    Before Virtual Staging

After Virtual Staging


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